(In which Minseok is a Geisha and Luhan is the son of the Baron who’s deeply in love with her)
shitty drabble under the cut

"Is there any way for us to be together?" Luhan asks as he holds Minseok’s hands tight, as if he’s afraid that she’ll be gone if he doesn’t do so.

"You can be my patron." There comes a calm reply from the young lady. Lips as red as cherry. Her hairpin, swaying gracefully as she turns her head to face anything but Luhan.

"You know that’s not what I mean. I want to be more than just your 'Danina'… I want you to be mine. Only mine.” Every man wants the same, Luhan thinks. Because Minseok is the epitome of every guy’s achilles heel, who dazes a man with one single swish of her glance.

"Well, if that’s what you want… I’m afraid that there is no way to do so."

"I know you want it, I know you love me." Desperation painted clear on Luhan’s face as he spills those words. Because God, she’s definitely a pro when it comes to hide her real feelings and deep inside in his heart, Luhan hopes that it’s the truth, that Minseok loves him as much as he does to her.

"I might be singing for you, dancing for you, and we might be spending the night together, but Young Master….. Other than those things, you know nothing about me. Now, if there’s no other thing you want from me, I shall take my leave."

A single tear escapes from her eyes when she walks away from the man of her dreams. She can hear luhan’s soft sobs in the back along with the sound of her heart breaking. But after all, it’s better to be this way. Minseok knows better to never hope for something painfully impossible. There is no chance, even the slightest, for them to be together.

Because Luhan is the moon and Minseok is just an ordinary person, who can do nothing but stares at it, watching it shines brightly surrounded by the stars.

Because Luhan doesn’t need to know that everything Minseok did -does- is just a stepping stone to bring herself closer to him ever since their little rendezvous in that bridge when they were both young.

Because Luhan doesn’t need to know that all along, he’s the answer to all of her prayers…

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