Someone call the doctor, hold me and tell me
Love is a sickness, an addiction, overdose
Happy Birthday Oh Sehun! (April 12, 1994)

Overdose is actually a hidden message from Minseok to Luhan

well I mean….

SEKAI; Merman AU
(in which Jongin was a merman who had fallen for a young prince named Sehun)

"Later Jongin…. Later my dear… When you have reached your eighteenth year, you will have permission to rise up out of the sea, to sit on the rocks in the moonlight, while the great ships are sailing by, and then you will see both forests and towns."

He remembered his grandmother said to him years ago when he was a child. Jongin had always imagined this day, the day when he could finally see the whole world rather than the same scenery underwater. He really liked it, he liked sitting on the rocks under the moonlight, it sort of became his habit, until one night he saw that boy. A boy who stole Jongin’s heart by a single glance of his eyes.
Male Idols cross-dress (Daesung beats them all)
EXO Group Chat Room (Happy 2nd Anniversary~)

KRAY 101 (a.k.a your guide for KRAY-ing)


So guys, I’ve finally decided to share my feelings with all of the Kray shippers (really, this is mainly because I can’t contain all these feelings alone anymore ;A;) and it’s my personal opinion about them, so you may or may not agree with me, it’s your choice. Just Click and read this if you wanna be the next passenger of Kray-Roller-Coaster-Ride

(WARNING: a ridiculously long post which contains a lot of pictures, GIFs, feels, and all that jazz)

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EXO COMEBACK 2014 (pt. 1)

In which Park Chanyeol sends his little brother everyday to the kindergarten before he walks to college. But one day, instead of being greeted by the familiar sight of Mrs. Sooyoung in front of the gate, he’s being greeted by a completely different sight. This time it is a male teacher who escorts the kids. A male teacher with owl-like eyes and a heart-shaped smile.
And Chanyeol doesn’t understand why his heart skips a beat when the new teacher turns to look at him. .

(read the crappy fic here)


Hey guys, first of all I really want to say sorry for not being around that much lately, it’s just that this semester I get pretty busy with all of those college thingy and stuffs but let’s not talk about this, because now I wanna say thank you for all of you who keep supporting me and for all of those fanmails, it really means a lot to me :’) and I promise that I’ll answer them one by one as soon as I can.

Anyway, there are things that I want to tell you regarding… Stuffs, well, here they are (sorry for the messy list because I wrote this via phone)

1. Since there are a lot of people asking for fics based on my edits, I’ll let you know that I’m planning to write some fics when the holiday comes (probably around May) and currently I already wrote drafts for that OT3 baekchenyeol edits (yes, that one, sorry I can’t link the post rn, I’ll edit it when I’m on PC ;__;), Xiuhan Adjustment Bureau AU, Xiuhan Geisha AU, and for my latest edit (fanxing and xiuhan serial killer AU) and I might be open for some requests too later ^^

2. Even though I said that I’ll write fics based on those edits, you can write them too If you want ^^ you don’t even have to ask for my permission, but I’d be really glad if you let me know when the fics are done because I’d love read that omgggg T^T

3. Feel free to talk to me via mail, I know that in my current state It might take a long time for me to reply but as I said above, I’ll answer all of them as soon as possible.. You can talk about anything basically, not only about KPOP, or when you feel depressed and there’s nobody to talk to.. (Please I beg you, don’t hurt yourself no matter what, you’re beautiful, everyone is beautiful in their own kind of ways)

Well.. I guess that’s all for now, I’m sorry for this ridiculously long post and have a good day ^^